8 Ways to End Your Isolation

by | May 7, 2018

I was recently inspired by a 70-year-old client who was dealing with boredom in retirement.  Someone suggested she use meditation and she tried it but found she was already to “internal.”  She felt she needed to G.O.A.L. (get out and live).  She volunteered with a program through UNLV.  She started a walking group with other members in her retirement community.  She starting going to $5 movies on Tuesdays.  She realized that the happiest time in her life was when she was the busiest.  You have to be waking up and going somewhere.  Wake up and leave your house and you’ll be happier.

It’s time to break free of the imaginary chains you put upon yourself! Isolation is a punishment handed down to prisoners who commit infractions and many of us voluntarily place those constraints on ourselves. Though introverts have a hard time opening up and exploring all that daily life has to offer, it’s easier than it seems. You’ve got to get out and live each day to the fullest. Ideally, you should be getting at least 4 hours of time spent outside of the home every day, especially if you’re not working. And that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go broke spending money on expensive experiences. There are plenty of things you can do right now that don’t cost a thing. Here are some ideas to help you get the recommended four hours per day away from the comforts of your “safe place” (aka home).

  1. Go for a walk around the neighborhood
  2. Visit a local park and bask in sunshine
  3. Head to the mall to “window” shop
  4. Stop by a nearby library to see what’s new
  5. Browse aisles of home improvement stores
  6. Take the dog out for a walk or a quick hike
  7. Exercise outdoors – Do some yoga in the park
  8. Sit in a parking lot of your favorite store and watch people come and go

See, there’s lots you can do without having a big budget to work with. A few other recommendations include checking out bulletin boards and community calendars to discover new events, workshops and classes. Chances are your community already hosts festivals and functions year-round. If not, why not get involved by volunteering or putting together a group of organizers. Meetup.com is a directory of people’s gatherings and lists just about any kind of activity you can imagine. One client was in to astral projection and he found a group through MeetUp.

Leave fear behind – go out and get to know your neighbors. Just remember you don’t have to force yourself to be a social butterfly. Occasionally venture outside of your comfort zone and you’ll be surprised at how your life improves. The worst thing you can do is stay home and never talk to anyone. Get. Out. And. Live.

Let's get started.