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be enjoyed.



To feel inspired.

To feel loved.

To be making progress.

To heal.

To be at peace.

but maybe you aren’t feeling this way?

Maybe you feel that life is pulling you down and the obstacles in your way are unmanageable. Maybe the things you’ve tried just aren’t working. Maybe there is no one in your life who will just listen to your feelings and validate what you are experiencing. Perhaps your relationship is stuck in an endless and hopeless pattern but there is more worth hanging on for and you want to fight to make it work. Frustration, anger, irritability. You can’t sleep or you’re sleeping all the time. Drugs, alcohol, gambling, or pornography are ruling your life and you’ve lost your freedom. You’ve lost someone important to you. Everything’s in chaotic disarray. Or maybe life is going fairly well and you just have a few things to work on.

i can help you
people can change
people can change
people can change
people can change
people can change

I'm brad singletary

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about me

Read more about my background, personality, experience, and the approaches I use to help people get where they’re going.

my office

I have a beautiful office just off the 215 in Henderson near Gibson and Horizon Ridge Parkway.
my blog Read some articles I have written and compiled from other sources. This will give you some insight about how I think about common problems and will allow you to understand, to some degree, my style.

Become Your Spouse

After over 21 years of working with couples and families, I have found one common thread: we are highly attracted to our shadow.⁣⁣⁣⁣We unknowingly partner with people who embody the very strengths that we lack, and we decide to be with them for the unconscious...

Just Put Some Jam on It: Music — Feeling Is Healing

When we let ourselves FEEL, even the hard stuff, sometimes we wanna run from it. But in my 20 years of helping people heal and 43 years of musical self-medicating, myself, I can tell you, feeling is healing and avoiding is bondage. I always recommend that people play...

The T-Word: How NOT to Be a Typical Man

The T-Word: How NOT to be a typical man   You've heard it before. The sarcastic-toned critique from someone who is sick of your $#!+. After some discovery of your failings--the trash you didn't take out, the birthday you forgot, the overspending on some...

What I’ve Learned in 364 Days Since a Family Suicide

  Please pardon this extremely personal story that I need to share. One year ago tonight, I was at work. I was in the middle of a session and my ten-year-old kept calling my phone. It was already dark, maybe 8 p.m. I knew something was wrong so I answered the...

11 Ways to Turn Your Man Into The Typical Man

I’m about to surge into an area that will likely gain me some haters. Good. Bring it. I’m not talking about a new area of discussion just in this article; I’m talking about in my whole life. In my career. I want to talk about men, and what’s wrong with men, and...

10 Things Your Teen Needs This Summer

Summer brings such mixed feelings for people, it seems.  Kids are loving life without the rigors of schoolwork and parents are often stressed about the demands brought on by their children being unoccupied for 3 months.  Younger children just need to have...

8 Ways to End Your Isolation

I was recently inspired by a 70-year-old client who was dealing with boredom in retirement.  Someone suggested she use meditation and she tried it but found she was already to "internal."  She felt she needed to G.O.A.L. (get out and live).  She volunteered with a...

Small and Simple Things

  Tonight I (re)learned a powerful truth. My wife's truck wouldn't start.  We've been fortunate enough to not have major car troubles for a long time but tonight I thought our luck had changed for the worst. She was off to a meeting and when she went to start...

Health IS Happiness

  Health IS Happiness Ever noticed how sick you feel every time you're stressed or worried? Your entire body suffers. Even the slightest pain gets worse. This goes both ways. When you're ill, you can't focus anymore and your mind starts wandering. Anxiety,...

This Is My Mission

I have often asked my clients to create for themselves a mission statement. I've never shared this before but here is mine. I encourage everyone to define their values, figure out what is important to you and write it down. Making this video was just one way for me...
endorsements from my colleagues
“Brad is an absolutely wonderful colleague and is extremely resourceful. He has a positive personality and a caring soul. Working with Brad would be inspiring and pleasurable.” DEIDRE 'DEE' JENKINS, MS, MFT, SAP

Marriage & Family Therapist

“Brad is the kind of therapist who will challenge you and support you in reaching your individual, couple or family goals. We worked together for several years and I was always impressed by his extensive clincial knowledge and compassionate approach with his clients. I will attest that you are in great care with Brad as your therapist!!” MRS. AMY EKINS, LCSW

Clinical Social Work/Therapist

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What I Do
I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and have been counseling with individuals and families for almost two decades. For six years I taught graduate-level marriage and family therapy courses at America’s largest university and also supervised a counseling skills center. My experience began in 1998 where I worked with delinquent youth and their families in Northern Utah.
Maybe you don’t need psychotherapy and don’t have a mental illness.  Maybe you just need help making a difficult decision. Maybe you don’t want mental health treatment and just need help defining and reaching personal or professional outcomes that are important to you.  Maybe your habits are keeping you from the goals you are seeking. Let me help you find your way through the obstacles holding you back.
I am an internship supervisor for the Nevada Board of Examiners for Social Workers and provide supervision for clinical social work interns at the rate of $80 per hour of supervision as a way of giving back to my profession. I am currently full and cannot accept any new interns.
  • Clinical psychotherapy 55% 55%
  • Coaching 35% 35%
  • Clinical supervision 10% 10%
how it works

Make An Appointment

Click on the link to make an appointment. You will be able to see my schedule for the next four weeks and book an appointment on your own, without a lot of back-and-forth with me. Just find a time that works and schedule online.

Complete Online Forms

After your requested appointment time is confirmed, you will receive an email with a link to my online “paperwork.” This includes privacy practices, standard consent forms, etc.

Meet with Me to Begin the Journey

There won’t be any need to arrive early since you would’ve already completed the forms online. Bring a copy of your insurance card, photo ID, and be ready to begin. When you get to my office, come on in, (suite 200) and have a seat in the waiting area.
Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost?

I charge $120 per session which can be paid by cash or check as well as debit and major credit cards. I usually collect the session fee in the beginning of each session to get receipts and other paperwork completed before we begin. If you’d like to apply for a reimbursement through your health insurance company, I am happy to provide you a superbill so that you can do so.

Do you take insurance?

Beginning 9/1/18, I will no longer be accepting new clients who need to use insurance.  My practice is now strictly self-pay or out-of-pocket.  I have been forced to operate this way due to the growing complexity and difficulty in working with health plans. 

How long are the sessions?

Generally, therapy sessions are 45-55 minutes.

How often do I see you?
In most cases, I meet with people weekly, but other arrangements can be made based on your needs. If you need more intensive care due to a crisis of some kind, I can meet with you more than once per week. If scheduling or payment is an issue, we can meet every other week or twice a month.
Do you work with couples?
Yes, I prefer to work with you and your significant other, even when the relationship isn’t the main concern for counseling.
What does LCSW mean?
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) – Masters in Social Work required, plus supervised experience. Most therapists have a master’s level education. At the master’s level, social workers typically have the broadest scope of practice which allows me to treat every psychiatric condition.
Do you prescribe medication?
I do not have medical training and cannot prescribe medication. If the need for medication arises, I can refer you to a psychiatrist and will consult with them regularly about your progress, with your written consent.
Are our conversations confidential?
Yes. I am bound by law to keep the information you share confidential, including the very fact that I am seeing you. Even if you disclose you have committed crimes, it stays with me. There are limits to confidentiality which include threats of harm to yourself or others and reports of abuse or neglect of children, the elderly or otherwise vulnerable populations. A court order would require me to share the requested information with the courts, but in 19 years in the field, I have never had such occur.

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